Copenhagen Fashion Summit: Introducing BioGlitz

IMG_9334If you’re well on the way to a more responsible wardrobe of organic, long lasting items in hemp for summer and alpaca for winter and are longing for a little (or a lot of) sustainable self-decor to go with it: don’t look further. BioGlitz, a company that operates under the formula “take the litter out of glitter” allows you to sparkle with good conscience. Independently women owned and operated, the company is based between Los Angeles and New York City. This week, the BioGlitz founder and CEO Saba Gray showcased together with Kimi Mok their glittery contribution to a plastic-free planet at this years Copenhagen Fashion Summit. “We have eradicated the use of polyester plastic in our glitter. We make the glitter from plant cellulose derived from eucalyptus trees, cosmetic pigments and then we precision cut it so that it doesn’t harm your eyes or skin. It’s all biodegradable and compostable and can be used for all the same applications as traditional glitter,” Saba Gray explains and adds: “BioGlitz was born out of a love for shine. I see the power of glitter and how it can really open up conversations and connect people.” Gray has a background in textile development and has also worked as a stylist. She was in the sustainable fashion industry in New York when she came up with the idea: “I knew Glitter was terrible to the environment and when I found out that it was actually invented in New Jersey, I started meeting manufactures there. That was about six years ago, and today, we’ve been on the market for two. Because the company I worked for at that time did textile development and vertically integrated clothing production from textile to sales floor, I was lucky to have a good team to brainstorm with. My boss Bob Bland, a badass woman, who actually went to found the women’s march in New York, was a very strong supporter of the idea and encouraged me to go for it.” BioGlitz is now in the accelerator program in Fashion For Good in Amsterdam. It can be found in stores in the US a long with on their online platform from where they ship worldwide. They also do wholesales to other brands who want to use the glitter for clothing, accessories or garments. They even work with a bicycle company who puts the glitter in the sealant for tires. “Through Fashion For Good we have a lot of things in the pipeline that hopefully will come to flourish the next year. If we can do wholesales to big clothing companies like H&M and change their use of traditional glitter on their glittered garments that counts for a heavy weight of plastic” Gray states. Asked about how she came aware that traditional glitter is so harmful to the planet, she answers “I just used common thought. It is a shiny thing on my face. It was kind of painful every time I put it on my face or on someone else because it is one of my favorite things, but I knew that biodegradable glitter didn’t exist. I knew that it was plastic and that I had to find something to replace it with.”


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Words by Anne Ulrikke Bak
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