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Want: Northface x RÆBURN

News have it that outdoor brand The North Face has partnered up with British RÆBRUN with a collection of accessories remade from recycled The North Face tents. The collection emphasizes both brands’ philosophies of pushing existing boundaries in order to discover new ones.


Welcome to the Greynaissance

Diversity is the talk of the decade and it is limited to no business. In fashion, men are slipping in skirts, like women have been slipping into suits for what comes near to a century. Diversity adds flavor and wit to every business and next in line to contribute is the big grey: age. Since forever, beauty has been synonymous with youth, and during the fashion weeks products have been showed off on young strutting bodies in the small age range of 15-25, all though sense for fashion has no age, in fact it has a habit of growing only better and fashion is starting to realize. Below we’ve gathered 7 AW19 ready-to-wear collections that stated the ‘Greynaissance’.

Vivienne Westwood

Rachel Comey

Michael Kors

Proenza Schouler

Simone Rocha



Words by Mathilde Nielsen

DANSK Loves Pasquale Autorino

Pasquale Autorino, native Italian currently based in Milan, caught our attention ever so swiftly through his sensational eye for composition, details and visual poetry, as well as for his distinctive pictorial method of photography. Defining himself as a “Visionary Of The Unconscious”, his vision is characterised by a mystic element, flourishing throughout his body of work. Among his key inspirations, there’s mysticism and dreaming, together with the Freudian instincts of Life and Death (in ancient Greek, Eros and Thanatos), both of which hover in his head spasmodically. Darkness, Mystery, Melancholy, Narcissism and Romanticism: an ineffable climax of feelings, constituting few of the idyllic approaches gracing his visionary philosophy. Besides, a pivotal hue which never fails to be present within his creations is Silver. Why so? Yet, an undefinable factor according to the artist. We catch up with one of the most promising visual storytellers of the moment to learn more.


Want: NO SHAME by Souvenir

We have been made to feel ashamed of our bodies, and in return, learnt to shame those of others. When Eve and Adam disobeyed God’s command their eyes were opened, they saw that they were naked. Feeling shame, they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings. Today, the internet tells us to cover up and censor our bodies. It could have been such a paradise for us to play, express and push limits, a place where we could direct and curate ourselves. But we find ourselves reintroducing the modern day fig leaves; two little cherries, a star, a pink heart to carefully place on the parts we are told to hide.


Watch: "Guava Island", Featuring Rihanna and Donald Glover

Forget about this week’s world premiere of Game of Thrones; this week, all streaming tips should be aimed towards Amazon Prime and their new mysterious movie, Guava Islanda love story between our two favorite musicians at the moment, Rihanna and Donald Glover.


Cartier Takes Copenhagen

The prestigious and historical French jewellery maison Cartier has announced its first store opening on Copenhagen soil. The opening will mark the second Scandinavian boutique, since the opening of a boutique in Stockholm, Sweden, last year. According to Cartier, Copenhagen is the “perfect city” for such an opening with its merge between history, tradition and courage to keep moving forward, values that have kept the French jewellery maison above relevant for buyers in over 170 years. The boutique will be located on the famous pedestrian street Strøget, and will comprise more than 200m2 of French exclusivities exhibited in a blend of Parisian elegance and Danish hygge. This will be implemented via wooden materials, Danish furniture and natural colors. The arrangement between Danish modesty and Parisian elegance is expected to be one of its kind and ready for clients at the end of the year.


Sterling Ruby Takes Fashion

Californian-based creative mastermind Sterling Ruby has been announced to hit Pitti Immagine Uomo in the forthcoming season, as a Special Guest by debuting a ready-to wear collection. The special presentation will also incorporate his art practice, which comprises paintings, ceramics, collage, film-making, sound installations. Ruby will be presenting the first collection by the S.R STUDIO. LA. CA., hosted on June 13th 2019.


DANSK Loves Anton Belinskiy

In just a few years, Anton Belinskiy has developed into Ukraine’s prime fashion folklorist, summoning Orthodox iconography from his native village and transposing them into an erratic, theatrical, and glamorous logic. The Kiev designer opened his namesake line in 2011, and have since passed through international contexts of talent recognition such as the LVMH Prize and Vfiles, while stocking in leading stores such as SSENSE, DSM NY and H-Lorenzo. Belinskiy’s sartorial archeology work spans art and fashion, which led to an invititation to participate in the Ukranian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2017 – paving an interesting path ahead for the designer. We sat down with Belinskiy to learn more about the Kiev scene, inspiration, and craftsmanship.


Watch: Kate Moss Cooking a Sunday Roast

We love the new British Vogue. With stylist Edward Enninful behind the wheel, the publication has, overnight, developed a new relevance in the mainstream fashion space, abundant with multiculturalism, young talent, and self-deprecating humor. Just look at this video of Kate Moss cooking a Sunday Roast for her close pals – what more to ask for in life, really?


Behind the Fashion Documentary "Halston" by Frédéric Tcheng

My first recollection of Halston was when he appeared as the guest star on the famous American television series The Love Boat. There he was—long, lean, handsome, the embodiment of elegance, and surrounded by a beautiful array of ethnically diverse models glamorously dressed. The Halstonnettes—the entourage that was always by his side—included African American Pat Cleveland and Nordic Karen Bjornsen. I was only 10 watching the re-run of the episode where Halston showcases an entire fashion show on a cruise to Acapulco. He made a lasting impression that defined my ideas on sophistication and fashion. I loved him almost as much as the world did in the 70s. Known for his refreshing minimalism, the American fashion designer invented the one-seam dress, cut-on-the-bias made from silk, chiffon or cashmere; that became the look of the era. His aesthetics encompassed more than fashion. The illusion continued, from his extravagant lifestyle and his mid-century minimalist townhouse in Manhattan to the astronomically priced, opulent, mirrored and glass office at the top of Olympic Tower with panoramic views of New York. Halston, the new documentary, shines light on the designer’s forgotten legacy. After 30 years spent creating his empire, and at the height of his success, Halston sells his name to the JCPenny Corporation with the disastrous consequence of becoming obsolete and ousted from his own brand. I had a fascinating conversation with Frédéric Tcheng, the renowned French director about his latest documentary Halston (featured this year at CPH DOX).  Frédéric directed the award winning Dior and I (2014), co-directed Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (2011) and co-produced Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008).