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DANSK Loves Allyson Felix

FA16_Rio_RN_AFelix_200_rgb-2250Some races are won before they begin. While the crowd is screaming and the other runners are preparing, Felix is already running. In her head, as she stands at the line, she visualizes her race: driving from the blocks, slowly rising, propelled by relentless ambition, the big swing of her arms. You can tell just by looking at her. Before she’s even introduced, she’s gone.


Want: Louis Vuitton City Steamer

CS black, white, toffee

Believe it or not, but being fashionable in 1901 meant crossing the Atlantic by steamboat – we’re talking several weeks of nothing but merciless oceans in sight, mediocre food choices from one bloody restaurant, and most painstakingly, sharing a cabin with your stuck-up sister or even more unbearable husband.


Backstage highlights from Copenhagen Fashion Week

mb by simone for dansk 18

While Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17 might have come to a close last week, the magic dust it cast over the Danish capital still lingers in the air (exagerrated, also, by Pride this weekend). It was a week of big statements, ambitious productions and great fashion – proving that Copenhagen has fully claimed “5th place” after the big four fashion weeks – London, Milan, New York, Paris.


Olympics 2016: Behind Nike's Unlimited Colorway

Unless you’ve spent the last month on a desolate tropical island in Micronesia (if only), it will have come to your attention that the Olympics are taking place in Rio. Yes, we know, do you have to pretend to care about sports beyond sneak-peeking at Buzzfeed articles about male athlete bulges? Not at all. But since athletes (sadly?) wear clothes, there’s a sartorial aspect to the games – something that always hold some significance.