Want: Urbanears Speakers

Grupp_Baggen_Stammen_0576_lev_170206_ExtraWe admittedly have a hard time finding a good pair of speakers. If they’re good, they’re usually monstrous-looking and impossible to integrate into our post-minimal Scandi homes, and if they’re pretty, they usually give out a sound comparable to playing Justin Bieber off your 2009 cell-phone. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too – have our Bieber and look good while doing it? Music nerds are aesthetes too, and fashionability is no longer something reserved for the chosen few. Enter Urbanears Connected Speakers, the monochrome plastic cube you didn’t know you’ve always needed.

Urbanears hails from the depths of the Stockholm design world, launching a series of high-quality headphones in 2008, and later expanding to oversee a range of tech gizmos. Their global commercial success speaks to the appreciation of good design as it intersects with technological innovation, and their 2017 product is a case in point. Urbanears Connected Speaker is engineered to bring powerful sound to any room, and equally important, seamlessly integrates with your everyday gadgetry of phones, tablets, and laptops. Whether you’re a Bluetooth, Spotify, iTunes, or AUX kindda gal, Urbanears got you sorted – it even stores up to seven playlists and provides instant connection with online radio. The beautiful cubic speakers come in two models – Stammen and Baggen – and in a range of colors, and will easily find, we expect, a home amongst our tightly curated living rooms, patios, and bedrooms.

For more information, see Urbanears


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