Want: The Louisiana Collection by LARSEN & ERIKSEN


There is a go-to list when it comes to places not to missed when in Copenhagen: the Botanical Gardens, Tivoli, Glyptoteket, and at least one beer in any given corner Bodega for proper Northern ambience. But one of the city’s greatest pearls is actually located outside of its parameters, but nontheless attracts thousands of culture lovers annually. Not unlike its postmodern sister Dia Beacon north of New York, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art equates true museum joy, an idyllic watering hole for culture, nested in bucolic settings in Northern Sealand. The building itself is dominated by clean lines, geometrical shapes, and vast glass panels, which overlooks Øresund and Sweden, and is considered a major work in Danish modernist architecture. The two architects behind the museum, Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo, found inspiration in the flourishing L.A. scene, where the growing Japanese community had a deep impact on the architecture found there. Seven decades later – whether it’s to take in the latest exhibition of international art or simply to enjoy a coffee in their bespoke canteen – we find ourselves at Louisiana way too often. Sharing our profound admiration, now the Danish design studio LARSEN & ERIKSEN have made an homage to the institution with a new line of timewear. With a shared love for Danish mid-century modernism (also known as “discreet modernism”), the company is devoted to minimalist design and high quality, which is clearly evoked in their Louisiana Collection. Calf leather straps and Swiss precision makes for a luxurious time piece, but miracoulously remains at an accessible price level. Balanced, dignified and timeless, it’s all the things that we want to be, wear, surround ourselves with in the coming winter months. Although, who really looks at the time when you’re in museum heaven?

The Louisiana Collection – 1000 DKK / €134