Want: The Goya Book

Stine goya_Book FrontThe only thing we can never get too much of is books – fashion books in particular. As a counter-weight to a phenomenon that is notoriously ephemeral and fast-paced, printed matter grounds fashion in a timeless tradition, and gives designers an opportunity to apply their creative thinking to the narrative sequence and graphic framework of a page. Danish womenswear designer Stine Goya is the latest to release an imprint, retrospecting 10 years of distinctly elegant and feminine garment-making. The Goya Book tells with few words, and many images, colors, and moods, the celebrated universe of the Goya brand across ready-to-wear, accessories, graphics, and drawing. Like Goya’s clothes, the idea of the project was to leave an imprint – a word that, of course, posses a bit of a divisive double entendre, referring both to publishing terminology and fashion’s powerful effect on the human sensorium. This baby-pink collectible is perfect for your library and coffee-table book. Stine goya_Book Open

The Goya Book – 300 DKK / €40 – via Stine Goya

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