Want: Mykita x 424

MYKITA-NO1-SUN-ERIN-GLOSSY-GOLD-SUPER-BLUE-SOLID-1900234_SHINY-SILVER-ULTRA-RED-SOLID-1900233-P-1GS-1As the days are getting shorter, and the last drops of Aperol Spritz have been anxiously extrapolated from our emergency bottle, we’re increasingly catching ourselves looking for cheeky sunny get-aways – and with that, the right accessories. Mykita’s most recent collaboration is hardly suitable for the wet, grey-scale autumns of Northern Europe; rather, they gesture to a Venice Beach-esque frivolousness, or an Ibiza kind of nonchalance. This is perhaps due to FourTwoFour on Fairfax (or 424, as they’re naturally acronymmed), the hyped fashion, art, and jewellery boutique in downtown LA, spearheaded by designer Guillermo Andrade. For the last couple of years, 424 has been fusing codes of streetwear with high-craft techniques inherent in a variety of design fields – with so much success that Mykita, the Berlin based eyewear brand, approached the collective for a collaboration. The result is radiant in more ways than one, with its styles sporting various brightly colored UV lenses on elegant hand-assembled frames. A Mykita trademark, the collaboration is overwhelmingly exclusive, with only 50 pieces of each colored style being produced and distributed in selected stores around the world in cities such as LA, NYC, Tokyo, and Moscow. In Copenhagen, you’ll find Mykita’s Californian love affair  at concept store STORM – we suggest you go get them before your SAD really kicks in.

Mykita x 424 – DKK 2.999,00 ~EUR 395,00 – via STORM

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