Want: MM07 Wireless Earphones

When we first heard of wireless headphones, we were skeptical. Aren’t those things too difficult to not lose already – why burden ourselves with small, precious earplugs that surely won’t work as seamlessly as good old wire? We resisted the new Apple headphones. Purchased that weird extension chord just to keep our old plugs. But then we met MW07. The New York City-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic has raised the level of an audio product we thought we never wanted. Now we do. The determining factor was pretty obvious: the presence of design. A far cry from the generic, white nips you’re used to, the MM07 is a truly luxurious design object, conceived in hand-crafted acetate and stainless steel. The inititial colorways – Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue, Grey Terrazzo, and Matte Black – fit a range of users, and with their weighty volume, it feels a little bit like having a piece of sculpture in your ear. Add to that a “best-in-class” Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, 10mm beryllium drivers (yes, we had to look that one up to), a personalizable plug for superior comfort, and  up to 14 hours of on-the-go listening thanks to pretty fabulous batteries and an even more fabulous hand-polished charging case in stainless steel, and you’ve got the best wireless headphones on the market. Since acquiring them, we’ve been lovingly tuning out from our surroundings, listening to our favorite crime story podcast and Russian Orthodox Choral Chants. This holiday season, we suggest you do the same.

MW07 by Master & Dynamic – $299 / €299