Want: Louis Vuitton Les Colognes

Summer is finally making a re-appearance, at least if summer means (admittedly freezing) outdoor restaurant seating, Aperol Spritz, and drunk biking (hey! We just summarized Copenhagen summers in one sentence). It also means a new fashion season, and now that we think of it, there’s nothing we love more than summer-themed products. Our new favorite is the new series of scents by French fashion house Louis Vuitton, devised by the historic brand’s prime nose (yes, that’s a title), Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, and visually interpreted by LA artist Alex Israel. Cavallier-Belletrud, who was born in the perfume capital Grasse, and has crafted over 80 scents in his career, took inspiration from the colorful holiday vibes of the American west coast, devising a series of three unisex colognes (that’s right! For all genders!), a scent type that allows for a generous spritz without smelling too much like a truck-stop sales associate. While radically unique, the series feel fresh, uplifting, and endearing – think sexy stranger by the pool in Palm Springs. To further this aesthetic, the house tapped Israel for packaging – an artist known and celebrated internationally for his saturated, high-glossy paintings that speak to the radiant visuality of his native LA. “There’s something free, passionate and wildly creative about the West Coast ambiance,” the press release reads: “long stretches of beaches etched in foam, awaiting the dashing surfer; the unique way light filters through shocking neon; the frenetic colours of the street project against a gentle, iridescent sky; patios burgeoning with cacti, eternally beautiful days — and the stars, sports and real-life stories that seem lifted straight from a novel or a film…It inspired the atmosphere for fragrances that have all the spontaneity of Colognes paired with the sophistication of perfume.” Say no more. We’ve just booked our holiday.

Louis Vuitton Les Colognes