Want: Forever Yours by Marimekko

If you didn’t know, Marimekko means “a little dress for Mari,” the Finnish form of the English name Mary. The cute and quirky pragmatism of using this statement as the name of a fashion brand perfectly encapsulates the design ethos of the Finish fashion giant, which since the 60s have worked hard to make our homes and wardrobes just a little more colorful. But while many of their internatioanl contemporaries have faded into the gilded halls of hippie kitsch, Marimekko has endured; and today, the company boasts over 85 stores around the world. It’s not all poppy flower prints, however, as we’ve learned from the launch of their new range of handbags, Forever Yours.

Marimekko first released bags back in the 1960s, and were from the first instance characterized by a practical and simple design. A subdued shape compliments the bold prints and craftful detailing that the house is also known and celebrated for. The new line Forever Yours are equally timeless, specifically taking its inspiration from Marimekko’s iconic signature styles such as Matkuri and Lempi from the 1990s. A pouch for all kinds of life journeys, Forever Yours suits your Mary, your Anne, your sweet Aunt Rebecca. We wanted to have suggested that Marimekko changed it name to the Finish translation of “a bag for Mari,” but looking up the word (Maripussi), we’re not so sure anymore.

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