Want: Danish Fashion Lexicon

modeleksikon_2History is only cemented when it is written down; and for fashion, which so often is dismissed as fleeting and ephemeral, the importance of historical writing cannot be overstated. Furthermore, when fashion’s histories are recounted it is often limited to that of its central capitals and epicenters such as Paris, Milan and New York; as a result, little effort is made to preserve the sartorial narratives of other regions – including the Nordic region! Thank God then, for this newly published lexicon of everything Danish fashion, edited by the fashionable Copenhagenites, designer Mads Nørgaard and CEO Anne Christine Persson. Published by Gyldendal, the ambitious project features the central actors of the industry of the past 100 years, including its colorful cast of designers, creative directors, CEOs, photographers, stylists and models. Across more than 400 articles, thirty essays and a couple of interviews, the book draws the outline of a fashion community in constant flux, shaped by changing economics, politics, and sartorial trends. Beyond discussing topics such as diversity and digitalization, the publication also sheds a light on what in recent years have been the trademark of Danish fashion – sustainability, championed not least by the annual and much-coveted Copenhagen Fashion Summit. From Margit Brandt,  Lars Hillingsø and Gunnar Larsen of the 20th century, to today’s GANNI and, of course, DANSK, Danish Fashion Lexicon is an idiosyncratic  portrait of a growing family. (As of yet, only available in Danish.)

Dansk Modeleksikon
Mads Nørgaard and Anne Christine Persson, ed.
400 DKK