Want: Calvin Klein Underwear x Andy Warhol ‘KISS’ Capsule Collection

SP18_CKU_W_WARHOL_ BIKINI_1_FINALThere are countless ways to wear your art – repurpose a sculpture, painting-as-t-shirt; there’s nothing we haven’t seen, really, in the line outside Holy Mountain on a Saturday night. But Calvin Klein Underwear recently released a capsule collection that allows for the same auratic vestiary experience in a much more down-to-earth manner: the American heritage brand, led by stoic Belgian Raf Simons for the last couple of seasons, has partnered with the Andy Warhol Foundation to license small stills from his epic 50-minute silent film Kiss (1963) and print them on their timeless underwear. Kiss was one of Warhol’s first ventures into cinema, shooting it in 1963 after having set up the early Factory in Downtown Manhattan; it features a series of rather nerve-wrecking 3-minute make-out sessions between the likes of Gerard Malanga, Naomi Levine, and Johnny Dodd, all Factory regulars. The collection ties in seamlessly with Simons’ larger neo-America project since arriving at the CK doorsteps a few seasons back, releasing his 2017 campaign that featured a youthful clique of models facing great modern American masterpieces. We imagine Warhol underwear as a great conversation starter for any potential bedroom visitors, but even if that feels improbable in the near future, CK’s still take the prize of best underwear out there. SP18_CKU_M_WARHOL_BXR_BRF_1_FINAL

Calvin Klein Underwear x Andy Warhol ‘KISS’ Capsule Collection – Starting at €25

Credit for film stills: Andy Warhol, Kiss, 1963

Credit for Andy Warhol Foundation: ©/®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts ©2018 The Andy Warhol Museum