Want: Brik Terrazzo by KUF Studios

Cake isn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d usually associate with good design, nor see recommended by any fashion magazine in their right mind. The quirky world of chocolate, dessert, and gateau has never enjoyed the modern design revolution that it rightfully deserves, and is instead left to  the most kitsch vices of any given culture with a sweet tooth—the kind of thing you learn love even though it’s awfully corny. That is, until now. A far cry from the cringe para-conceptualists of The Great British Bake-Off (and its countless regional spin-offs), the London/Copenhagen design studio KUF has for a couple of years been experimenting with up-chic’ed versions of Danish desert stables such as Flødeboller, but their latest product breaks another standard for what fashionable sweetness might look like. The new line Brik Terrazzo is inspired by the Italian art of tile-making – which is itself experiencing a revival among the global design constituency – only here, elevated into the world of heavenly eatable delights. Pre-eating, the perfectly square tiles are well-worth a place in your tightly curated open-plan kitchen, alongside your Danish mid-century furniture, your Japanese knives, and your raku tableware. But thanks to a collaboration with Harrods’ head pastry chef and UK chocolatier champion Alistair Birt, the chocolates are just as delicious to dig into after your AD photoshoot – in fact, the spirulina and charcoal-infused bits are perfect for long and lonely nights with Netflix. We certainly know what we’ll be digging into in months to come – as does Wallpaper Magazine, who awarded KUF this year’s design award before the product even launched on the market. All you can do is exclaim “Let them eat cake! and keep an eye out for retail news via their website.