Want: Birkenstock x Colette

collettIf you come anywhere near Northern Europe in the last five years, you know that the Birkenstock craze is real. Your soon-to-retire father, your driving teacher, your 8-year old niece, the guy you slept with last night: everyone is sporting a pair of the German sandals, known for their superior comfort and 70s-humanist vibes. We thank the heavens that this somehow became the acceptable shoe across the fashion, art, and media world, instead of boat shoes or Manolo Blahniks like in the 2000s. However, that’s not to say that Birkenstock is outside fashion’s crazed temporality: even a 250 year-old sandal brand can surprise with innovation. Most recently, the brand has teamed up with three notable collaborators for limited edition sandals: Colette, the bygone concept store of all concept stores; Opening Ceremony, the go-to destination for avant-garde fashion in New York; and Ms Min, the hyped Shanghai label. Particularly the Colette collab we’re having a hard time forgetting: the bright blue dots, which was its signature trademark for over twenty years, reminds us of all the fun we’ve had browsing in the Parisian boutique (not to forget, the money spent there). For Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 next week, Birkenstock has decided to treat their Nordic customers by making all three models available in their Copenhagen flagship – we suggest dropping in between shows to snatch a pair of these sought-after chaussures. See you out there!

Birkenstock x Colette collection
2099 DKK – €282
Available at Birkenstock Copenhagen
Kronprinsensgade 13,  1114 Copenhagen K
From 7th August and two weeks onwards.