Want: Aesop Room Sprays

-1It’s July and if you’re located anywhere south of Stockholm, you may not have been able to imagine closing your windows, preventing the aromatic scent of the summer to infuse your living quarters. Sure, what better smell than nature – that’s until nature turns into hazardous down-pour, storm, and freezing temperatures. We’re already preparing ourselves for an autumn indoors, but would like it to be as olfactorily pleasing as the dog days of summer. Aesop, the incredibly crafted and superiorly branded beauty brand with its origins in Australia, has long been a stable in our beauty cabinet, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, so we were thrilled to hear of the new extension to the well-smelling family. “States of Being” is their meditation-clinging take on aromatic room sprays, which will enchant and revitalize any dull home chamber with a spritz or two. Featuring quintessential Aesop notes such as Geranium, Jasmin, and Tobacco, the sprays (literally) encapsulate la vie en Aesop, which, truth to be told, exactly where we’d like to be this coming fall. And if olfactory stimuli was not enough, the beauty firm commissioned conceptual composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith to produce atmospheric soundtracks to each of the three scents – available now on the brand’s website.

Aesop Aromatique Spray – 380 DKK / €45

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