Want: Aesop Brass Oil Burner

Large JPEG-Aesop Brass Oil Burner Still Life PressAs we close the windows of our apartments for the first time in 5 months, put on our comfiest socks, and replace the sparkling rosé with mulled wine, we know it’s time for indoor season. As much as we love nature and socializing (read: drinking) in public space, nothing really beats the Great Indoors. With physical barriers, you’re able to create intimate environments of rest and recreation, aided by lighting, furniture, music all under your control. Not to forget smell – a sensory realm which tends to prioritize the natural. It’s hard to match the smell of trees blowing on a August summer day – god knows that bathroom cleaning products have tried desperately for the last 50 years (Nothing sold as “Ocean Breeze” will give you the tranquility of a walk on the beach – only migraines). Thank god, then, for Aesop. The Australian beauty brand have been seducing the world with delicious, tantalizing and delicate odors since their founding in 1987, drawing on the abundant biodiversity of their native Australia. The brand has recently expanded into home accessories including sprays, and now, they’ve launched their first design object, in collaboration with Sydney based designer Henry Wilson. The Brass Oil burner is as elegant as it is practical, crafted from solid brass in Australia using a lost wax casting process—an ancient technique utilising wax moulds to cast metal objects—to ensure each vessel has its own character and brass patina, which will evolve over time. ““The design intent was to create a vessel which was part tool, part votive art object,and to reflect Aesop’s strong eastern philosophy with regards to design where importance is placed on the irregular and asymmetrical as points of unique beauty and poetry,” Wilson explained of the process.  “The amorphic design was carefully evolved to reflect the imperfect nature and process of casting molten metal, while the soft edges and quiet forms are intended to cradle the heat and invite a gentle intrigue.” Along with the burner comes a Beatrice Oil Burner Blend – a woody, citrus scent and features notes of Patchouli and Cedar Atlas. So don’t despair as you prepare for the long winter – it could be an aromatic one!

Aesop Brass Oil Burner – $195 / 1200 DKK