Magazine Desires: Shiseido Hanatsubaki Magazine


A blast from the past, the Japanese retrospective Shiseido Hanatsubaki Magazine, 1968‐2008 is this year’s ultimate coffee table book for the finer appreciation of fashion, design and beauty art direction. The book, first published in 2009, gathers visual highlights from Shiseido Hanatsubaki Magazine, a corporate and limited-edition magazine published by the Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido for its customers. Since its launch in 1937, the magazine has been characterized by superior and vanguard experimentation with graphics, East/West aesthetics and a euphoric playfullness with graphic identity. As such, the book is the best example of how the most generic publishing format can turn cult classic under the right art direction.
Shisheido owes its success predominately to the magazine’s legendary art director, Masayoshi Nakajo, who for over 40 years put his signature touch not only on Japanese beauty products, but the whole world, as he collaborated with the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Carine Roitfeld, Mike Mills and Stephen Jones. Available on Japanese and American Amazon, or if in Paris, for cheap in Libraire Mona Lisait.

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