MAY MUSE: Sophia Roe

We jump into May in great company with the internationally acclaimed Danish influencer and blogger – lovely Sophia Roe. Together we pay a tribute to the historical and iconic brand Calvin Klein, that has had a huge impact on our 20th century’s massive denim fashion along with his famous underwear, and is more relevant than ever with Raf Simons first collection as creative director.

Kim Grenaa, the co-editor-in-chief of DANSK Magazine and has more than 20 years of experience in fashion industry. With his creative skills, he has worked with many top models, celebs and influencers such as Julianne Moore, Giorgia Jagger, Giselle Bünchen, and many more.

Through his career he has met many unique personalities which each inspire him in his work and on a daily basis. Every month Kim collaborates with one of his muses to express his point of fashion right now, and creates this editorial for social media.

Sophia Roe
As a style icon and respected player in the industry, Sophia, 22, is the epitome of the Scandinavian trend with her sharp and minimalistic style. And with her big smile and great personality she charms us all to the bone. Recently Sophia took her first steps as a stylist and has for example styled the cover editorial for March issue of ELLE Denmark starring model Nina Marker.

In our May story Sophia Roe interacts with the 90s sensual underplayed denim fashion with a retro vibe that brings us back in time. Considering the fact that Sophia is one of today’s Calvin Klein ambassadors, their strong chemistry is hard to miss.

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Photographer: Nicky De Silva