June, with its luscious and luxurious high-summer, begins with the beautiful industry personality Christel Winther. LA vibes and sizzling hot temperatures are the focal point in this cinematic homage to the trends that seem to be forever connected to summer: bare skin, denim, and print, incarnated in brands such as Missoni, Saint Laurent, and Pilgrim.

Kim Grenaa, the co-editor-in-chief of DANSK Magazine and has more than 20 years of experience in fashion industry. With his creative skills, he has worked with many top models, celebs and influencers such as Julianne Moore, Georgia Jagger, Giselle Bünchen, and many more.

Through his career he has met many unique personalities which each inspire him in his work and on a daily basis. Every month Kim collaborates with one of his muses to express his point of fashion right now, and creates this editorial for social media.

Christel Winther is the sunny and easy-going girlfriend who has been smiling at you from the glossy pages throughout the past 15 years. The cool single mom from Vesterbro is, in her long, and amazingly still ongoing, career as model, best known for her great personality and beauty, which doesn’t ever seem to fade.

Bikini Hanne Bloch
Skirt Chloé

Dansk29.5.1821840Headband Missoni
Jewellery Pilgrim

Dansk29.5.1821945Jewellery Pilgrim
Bikini Missoni
Dress Munthe

Dansk29.5.1821793Sunglasses Pilgrim
Jewellery pilgrim
Swimsuit Hanne Bloch
Shorts Mads Nørgaard

Dansk29.5.1821537Jewellery Pilgrim
Top Missoni

Dansk29.5.1821696Jewellery Pilgrim
Dress Rianna Plus Minna

Photographer: Nicky De Silva