The Best Accessories of SS19

THOMBAs fashion month (finally) comes to a close, you might – like us – find yourself sitting paralyzed on your daybed, staring in to nothingness, with feet massacred from kilometers of stiletto walking and €2000 less on your bank account, wondering what it all means. What can we really gather from fashion week, when that week lasts 36 days and spans 4 cities and features more than 200 prominent names? Not much, we can admit. But because we’re fashion editors, it’s actually our job to sit and parse through whatever we may have missed between the accent removal of CELINE to the beach vibes at CHANEL, and regurgitate it to you in a somewhat interesting, even inspiring manner. So with no further due, we present one view of the SS19 season, unapologetically featuring our favorite and the most trend-defining accessories of next summer.

1. “Hold on to it like it’s your life”-bag at Givenchy –  adding a sense of purpose and drama to your already cinematic sense of dress.

2. Cropped Suits and chains at Comme des Garçons – for when you’re feeling corporate but want to reserve the option for S/M in the evening.

3. Leather Suspenders at Hermès – because we hate to lose our leather Hermès skirts, duh?

4. Monumental Straw Hat from Issey Miyake – because we’ve grown tired of the Jacquemus edition from last season.

5. Knee Socks from Miu Miu – because we’re attending a 45-minute work lecture later this month, and want to channel Blair Waldorf all the way.

6. Leather Apron by McQueen – for those tough afternoons plucking birds in the estate kitchen.

7. UFO handbag at Louis Vuitton – because we never actually carry anything in our bags anyway.

8. Diving Mask from Thom Browne – for those days when your ex’s herpes really comes for us.