The Art of the Runway Soundtrack

Honey_Dijon_Cutler_and_GrossBuzzling vibes from the anticipating crowd. A few celebrity spotted front row. An empty catwalk. Lights dim. Music on! 99% of all fashion shows start like this. The modern-day spectacle of the fashion show – a format that have only come of age in the last 50 years and continues to develop by each season – is profoundly shaped by its musical backdrop, with the auditory used as a subtle way to massage the subliminal senses of celebs, buyers, and critics, and enchant them with the uniqueness of your brand. The runway soundtrack became an increasingly wide-spread phenomenon with the mega-shows of the 1980s, championed by the likes of Thierry Mugler in particular, whose 150+ look shows needed quite the musical landscape to keep critics on their tiptoes (and stay awake). In the 1990s, designers like Margiela and Helmut Lang featured tight minimalist soundtracks in their shows, enmeshing fashion more firmly in the club and music scene, and eventually giving rise to the runway DJ, who is commissioned to produced original soundtracks to the 10-minute affair. Today, names like Frédéric Sanchez and Michel Gaubert have made fashion’s hall of fame for their ongoing collaboration with French luxury houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but a younger set of names like NYC figure Honey Dijon have been keeping the fashion world on the dancefloor for several years. Behold some of our favorite soundtracks and soundscapes of the last 10 years, which also, incidentally, also works wonderfully as background music for your office drinks, your showroom, or your morning shower routine.