Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-1

If I had my way tonight,
I would surely change your mind
You might be surprised at what you see
I know I don’t look the part,
don’t turn it off before it starts
I can hear your heart talkin’ to me

Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-2 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-3 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-4 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-5 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-6 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-7 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-8 Dansk_ClaraGiaminardi_FrancescaPinna - Credits-9Photography: Clara Giaminardi
Styling: Francesca Pinna
Makeup: Michelle Dacillo at Caren using Stila Cosmetics
Hair: Ami Fujita using Bumble and Bumble
Photographer Assistants: Camilla Glorioso, Sara Giannitelli
Styling Assistant: Daniel Aloisio, Katharine Nixon
Talent: Jessia @ Premier Model Management

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