Review: Stine Goya SS18

VICTORJONES3560For her 10-year anniversary show, Stine Goya invited us to the industrial port area of Nordhavn. The sun was out for what felt like the first time this summer and there was plenty of time to enjoy it thanks to a solid one hour delay. When the doors opened we were left free to stand wherever we liked in the dark on the first floor of Faurschou Foundation. The only lights in the dim concrete space were some variation-over-peachy coloured film in front of the walls and a huge cotton cloud hanging from the ceiling. The title of the show, Flashback Forward, referred to her earlier designs as could be expected, but Goya, known for sticking close to the brands DNA, also pulled some new scarves from her sleeve. The atmosphere was spherical, set in a state between sleep and awake with the rose pink light resembling a sunrise and the music with a cosmic Mort Garson-like feel to it. Besides the classic Goya coral coloured elements, the show had an appealing darkness, with models moving slowly like sleep walkers and gathering in a circle around a pole to head bang. The clothes had a magic, cirque look with marionette doll prints, half moons, stars and hearts with the most impressive pieces rejuvenating Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche line


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