Review: Stand Studio AW19

On the third day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Swedish Stand Studio showcased their AW19 collection under the roof of Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen’s third oldest church. The spacious room and the high white ceilings formed the perfect frame for a fashion show. However, it was in this sanctuary setting we came to realize that we’ve lost our lust for block colour faux fur stolas and leather—snake skin—teddy fabric combinations mix and match. .

Founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014, Stand Studio initially focused on designing in leather. Later, faux fur also became a signature fabric for the brand alongside with fur, wool and shearling. All of these were showed on the catwalk, often patch-worked together in rather confusing combinations. The collection was colourful, but the attempt to “balance our rich and saturated fall pallet” with pastel and neon colours wasn’t very successful. As for the materials, fake fur is effectual on the runway as a dramatic feature, but it shouldn’t be used to compensate for lack of original cuts.

New for this collection was a mix of shearling and down, said to be “a true representation of the brands core values of effortless chic staples made of the luxurious materials.” But bringing more animal (and animal resembling) products into play doesn’t necessarily make a collection more luxurious. There was absolutely too much of everything, and so what we witnessed didn’t feel like luxury but gluttony.

On the positive side we liked the idea of the one low hanging, below-the-hips fitted skirt. The styling made it a bit difficult to decipher whether the skirt was thought like this or if it was simply just a little to big for the model, nevertheless this silhouette was cute and fun. With the new and impressive Lolita Faux fur tote bags Stand Studio claims to “explore the full potential of faux fur”. And although DANSK could come up with a few ideas on how to explore this potential even further, the totes will unarguably become popular as they are.

Words by Ulrikke Bak