Review: Mulberry SS17

tumblr_inline_odsl697a8N1utbiue_1280.png.cfTradition, utility, and craftsmanship are three important keywords to describe Johnny Coca’s SS17 Mulberry collection. Set in an enormous factory in one of South London’s industrial areas far away from Chelsea’s luxury shops, it was feminine utilitarian outfits, beaded dresses and luxury goods that strolled down the infinitely long runway.

The British cultural heritage was noticeable in the way traditional uniforms had been reinterpreted, strict looking satin dresses with ruffles, and suits with high-buttoned blazers in plaid and stripes, to mention but a few. Furthermore, Coca added modernist metal jewelry resembling pencils, whistles, and paper-clips that discreetly embellished jackets, blouses, and dresses alongside distinctive oversized bags and shoes in collegiate colors, matching the garments and adding that little extra touch.

Old meeting new, dresses in shimmering yellow, silver, and navy-black revealed a more modern expression in the otherwise conservative collection which was a great addition to the formal looks.

A sophisticated journey with a historical angle, making one envious of the quintessential British school girl style.

Words: Ottilie Landmark
Photo: Instagram/mulberryengland

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