Picks: 6 Looks from Couture Week

KIM_3774While most of the world’s civilization is clinging on to their TV screens to catch another round of soccer, tennis, or biking (honestly, what is going on!?), we fashion folks are way busier parsing through the latest couture news from Paris. Following reports from the world’s leading critics, it seems like a promising season for the fashion of all fashion, with bold visions presented at houses like Valentino, Christian Dior, and Iris van Herpen. Across the board were strokes of pure genius, be it with uncompromising pattern cutting, strong conceptualisms, innovative use of technology, or the purest elegance. In an industry more and more frequently critiqued for its dis-concern with quality and craftsmanship, its comforting to see that many houses still haven’t lost interest in haute couture with all its out-of-this-world ambition. Our favorite is, still, John Galliano at Maison Margiela, who since launching the ‘Artisanal’ line has revived a sartorial phantasmagoria not seen since the early days of Galliano himself. Anyway, here are some of our favorite moments, presented in no particular order.


1. Our Ideal Prom Dress @ Valentino

2. Sexy Alien version 175 @ Iris Van Herpen

3. Our Christmas Present for Maman @ Christian Dior

4. Fake fur, what now!? at Fendi

5.  Finally Some for the Boys! at Givenchy

6. Bag Lady Couture at Maison Margiela

All images courtesy of Vogue Runway