New York Fashion Week: The Must-Have Looks

_LLL9328Overwhelmed by the malstroem of trends pouring out of fashion week season? Fear not – we’ve got you covered. Our summary of NYFW in a series of must-have looks to channel your inner… :

1. Tired, but ‘woke’ enough LA type to source 5 different kinds of camouflage patterns from Salvation Army (Yeezy)

2. At the family function like “Studio 54 is not a place – it’s a state of mind” (Ralph Lauren)

3. “My-dead-girlfriend-came-back-from-the-office-party” couture – (expect nothing less from Thom Browne)

4. “Americans Glamping at a medium-size European Festival feeling super boho” (Anna Sui)
5. “25 but have already embraced my future as crazy, childless cat-lady who refuses to remove plastic cover from livingroom furniture” (Calvin Klein)calvin-klein-rtw-f17-021017-ph_giovanni-giannoni-24

6. “I don’t need to follow fashion since buying this leather jacket” (Derek Lam)

Stay tuned for our coverage of Paris, Milan, and London…


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