High Scandinavianism: The Return of Filippa Knutsson

FilippaK_AW18_1011“Scandi Minimalism” has been a trope in fashion for well over a decade, a label that has garnered previously unmatched attention to Scandinavian fashion, boosting the industry if not at times oppressing its aesthetic potentiality. It seems that while most designers across the world works to distill their artistic vision into one of sartorial simplicity, Nordic designers are faced with the opposite challenge: to differentiate from simplicity. For both loud and quiet fashion, pure style moves beyond questions of adornment. No one knows this more than Filippa Knutsson, the Swedish powerhouse designer who established the RTW label Filippa K almost 25 years ago. After winning the prestigious award Guldknappen just a few years after launching her brand, Filippa K became the behemoth of Scandinavian minimalist design of the early 2000s, and today boasts flagships around the world with collections for both men and women. While maintaining ownership, she passed on the role of creative director in 1999 to Nina Bogsted, who until January 2018 oversaw the impressively consistent development of the brand over the past 19 years. In January, to much surprise, Knutsson announced her return to the formal role of creative director, coinciding with their FW18 collection, a manifestation of simple, stripped back Nordic elegance, presented at Nordiska Galleriet 1912 during Stockholm Fashion Week last month. What is the status of Scandinavianism today, 25 years later? Speaking to DANSK, Knutsson expressed:

If you say Scandinavian design to anyone in the world chances are they will think of purity, simplicity, function and quality. Those are the true elements of Scandinavian design and Filippa K is born from exactly the same values with our philosophy of Style, Simplicity and Quality. A desire to eliminate unnecessary detailing and add just what is needed to make design attractive as well as functional is an approach and a way of life we have inherited through our Scandinavian culture. Our concern for the environment also springs from a strong Scandinavian tradition of responsibility, care and appreciation for the natural world we live in and is therefore integrated seamlessly into our philosophy of long-lasting design.We have focused on designing the ultimate wardrobe for our customers. Our starting point has been to ask ourselves: what does our customer need? The collection developed from there in a natural and organic way – we prefer to focus on real needs, real life and real people rather than superficial themes.

Boy, are we excited to follow.

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