DANSK’s Year in Music

rihanna-loyalty-house-cb‘Tis the season for deep reflection – reflection on a year that’s rapidly approaching its end. What was your rose and thorn of 2017? In life, in work, in fashion, in music? In journalism, such meditations translate into boundless lists and round-ups; summaries of what affected us, inspired us, made us laugh and cry, across the cultural landscape (we won’t even go into politics – it’s too dark a time, honestly). We know, it can reach an obnoxious level (“Best Gluten Free Chinese Recipes of 2018 and the Bespoke Cutlery to go With It”), but lists are still more useful than useless. In 2017 (not a great year for fashion), particularly the music world offered us some truly remarkable moments , with experimental releases happening across the spectrum from the underground to the uber-commercial. At DANSK, we never discriminate; what matters is an innovative and thoughtful approach to form and style, whether it’s something we can dance, cry, or sing along to. Whether it’s Frank Ocean crooning on the single Chanel, GAS furthering their journey into techno-infused ambient, or Cardi B delivering the most bad-ass rap in recent history, here is our undisputable, authoritative round-up of the year in music. Happy New Years!

1. Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

2. GAS – Narkopop 10

3. SZA – Love Galore ft. Travis Scott

4. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine

5. Lana Del Rey – Love

6. Burial – South London Boroughs

7. Björk – The Gate

8. Fever Ray – IDK About You

9. Kelela – LMK

10. Arca – Desafío

11. Frank Ocean – Chanel

12. Kendrick Lamar – LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna

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