DANSK Loves Maxwell Burnstein

MBurnstein_beyondwalls0009With a razor-sharp visual style (and a pretty nifty way with an actual knife), Canadian-born Maxwell Burnstein has been making waves with his art-meets-fashion photographic collages. He’s done covers for Elle, editorial for Harpers Bazaar and collaborated with Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci amongst others. Having provided The-Counsel with our first birthday card, Maxwell spoke to us about his influences and ambitions.

How did you get started in the world of visual manipulation?
Sharing a series of traditional analogue collage techniques on my socials, the response and immediate opportunities proceeded into my career. Completing my undergraduate from Canada’s premier institution for fashion gave me a strong eye for design, seeing the adoption of collage in the fashion industry. A relentless hustle and honing instagram as my main outlet for sourcing opportunities I wanted, has resulted in commercial success with Covers for Elle Magazines, editorials with Harper’s Bazaar, to digital advertisements with Perry Ellis. My premier Artist in Residency at the W Union Square in New York City this past July, with the Vogue certified BAJA EAST, jump-started exhibits across Thailand, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom and more into 2017.

How would you describe your art?
Confronting the rise in digital collage art with analogue collage techniques, where I have produced or the acquired rights to the source material, has distinguished my art. A process that allows my artwork to take on multiple applications, from original fine art to digital reproductions through scanning, allowed me to stay competitive and recognized within an expanding community of artists.

 MBurnstein_beyondwalls0002 MBurnstein_beyondwalls0008

Who are your heroes and why?
I admire artists whose business practice and commoditization of self, alongside their creative endeavors, resulted in their success. Fashion influencer Nicola Formichetti has always exhibited such a strong sense of self alongside bold commercial and editorial endeavors; he is a someone I highly respect.

What has been you biggest accomplish so far?
I was really honored to undertake Elle Croatia’s September covers for their special FW16/17 Collections issue. Creating original artworks, utilizing Prada’s latest collection, for the front and back of the print publication, was a great opportunity that few artists receive.

Your work has mostly been in magazines. Any plans to move your work into other media?
Drawing from the success I’ve had working with international print publications, I am breaking into the fine art market through exhibits worldwide over the next year. This December I will be going to Thailand and undertaking a Artist in Residency at the W Koh Samui, the first of several back-to-back residencies with W Hotel’s.


Where do you see yourself in the future?
I hope to keep doing exactly what I am doing, for as along as I can. The increase undertake artwork for clientele previously inaccessible, opportunities to bring my artwork abroad and a busy calendar are all promising reflections of hard work and building upon a lot of rejection to succeed.

via The Counsel