tWQcmGBOTJPcLfz5CWcx0ftLjNVYHNdPykq9_oMEb9L_SZYArmWde2FH9g7hw94l7sv1QDwzQEdhSkw7nlsZzjfEtoddhxR5pe0_brVqChte4LmVE7ESN9krm4Hx59fRLCRd2WZuIf you don’t already know about them, it is about time you do! Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer are the creative heads behind the Arnhem-based brand, MAISON the FAUX, who just showed their newest collection during New York Fashion Week. “There is something in the air in New York”, Tessa and Joris told DANSK Magazine, but there is definitely something brewing with the skillful brand MAISON the FAUX as well.

The collection was presented in the famous MILK Studios, wherein a huge installation built around the theme “CHUBBY CHASER” made the setting for the show. MAISON the FAUX knows how to work with a critical and conceptual approach, leading up to the show, pictures of plastic boobs have been covering their Instagram which connects with the installation made from a fabric with a print of naked body parts. In the middle, Instagram-icon and plus-size model, Jezra is sitting on a pedestal in a transparent bodysuit. The body is at the center of the discussion, and Joris and Tessa explain that MAISON the FAUX is “using fat as a metaphor for the extremely strange beauty standards that rule the fashion industry and the never ending consumerism.”

Beige, brown, baby blue, baby pink, light denim and a touch of patent black were the dominant colors in the collection, carried on the models who were a mix of genders, primarily cast through Instagram. It is “humanwear”, as MAISON the FAUX describes it,  not categorized by gender or any other stereotype.

Alongside working with a conceptual approach, the garments are made in high quality down to the finest detail. MAISON the FAUX produces in-house in their studio in Arnhem and does it with rebellious refinement. Joris and Tessa work in a synergy, but they are not afraid of collaborating with new talented people, teaming up with a corset-maker this season. Wrapping and restricting were two ongoing themes in the fierce collection and they made you wish you had a corset for all your outfits; the suede jacket shown with a matching corset is a favorite. Billowing, light silk – and denim outfits were in contrast to heavy fur jackets and just like any other category, the traditional fashion seasons were dissolved. A light blue outfit with long ribbons elegantly wrapped around the wrists and a beige deconstructed suit with a brown corset stood out strongly. However, when you start thinking you know what the collection is about, MAISON the FAUX presents a shimmering silver pompon jacket. Bridging the borders between conceptual, socially innovative performances and functional, high-quality it-pieces for a brand so young, makes us curious about where they can take it next. In connection with their first show during New York Fashion Week, we sat down with the young brand to catch up.


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  MAISON the FAUX already has a connection with New York, being sold in one of the coolest shops here, Vfiles. However, this is the first time MAISON the FAUX has a show during New York Fashion Week. Why did you decide to do it this season? “We have been looking towards New York for a while because the atmosphere is somehow very appealing and captivating, and as soon as we really went for it, we’ve only encountered amazing people who are very welcoming and share the same enthusiasm.”

What is it about New York Fashion Week that makes it a good place for you to show right now? “There is something in the air in New York. We feel that most other fashion capitals fashion can be quite traditional and not very open to newcomers. In NY it’s the total opposite. There is a certain climate where pushing boundaries and experimenting is really embraced.”



MAISON the FAUX has its roots in Arnhem where it was founded and is still currently based. Is this background reflected in the brand’s vision? “I think it doesn’t really matter where we are based. We kind of stuck around after graduating from ArtEZ. Since Arnhem is such a small town it gives us space and calmness to really concentrate and work out all of our ideas.” The Amsterdam-based, genderless denim brand Hardeman will be showing in New York for the second time and new talent, Rushemy Botter is a part of the five designers selected to present on the V-files runway this season. Why do you think the Dutch designers are getting so much attention in New York at the moment? “It could be just a silly coincidence. But if I would have to guess I think the Dutch are generally a very ambitious people and NY seems to a place”

You talk about creating “Humanwear” as opposed to womenswear or menswear, how do you expect the American market to react to this?
“We’re living in 2016 and I don’t think blurring these lines are that controversial or new. It’s something that a lot of labels especially in NY are doing. We hope we will be seeing it more and more and categorizing people by their looks, gender, the colour of skin etc. will start to disappear.”

What do you hope to get out of this experience?
“It has been amazing working with all these talented people, hopefully, we can continue working together. We are also excited to see and hear from all the people who’ll see Maison the Faux for the first time. We are also often working together with other artists on various projects so maybe we’ll be working on an art project in New York in the future!”

New York is a fascinating city filled with dreams and fearless people. Can you see the brand developing here in the future?
“These moments that we spend here in New York before and during the fashion week are definitely influential to our work. However, we are really happy in Arnhem what comes to our facilities, contacts, and peers. The advantage of working in a small town is there’s less distraction so you really get things done!”

Words by Ottilie Landmark
For more information, see MAISON the FAUX

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