Acne’s Perfect Swedish Summer


In Paris, Acne Studios last week presented a notably different sensibility in their menswear presentation: a collection filled with affect and nostalgic encounters with Scandi summer classics. “This is a fresh take on menswear at Acne Studios, one that is very crisp and clear. I was thinking about how empty Sweden is in the summer, and also how romantic. We looked at tents, thought about nostalgia, and also considered how to evolve the waterproof jacket,” confirmed Jonny Johansson, the creative director of the Swedish label, as he presented his personal interpretation of rain-coats, over-the-head parkas, and pull-on boots. More subtly did the interplay between blue wool and silk anorak evoke the quintessential Swedish table-cloth – while sweaters in wool of varying density reminded us of the eternally temperamental summer in the Nordic countries. We could imagine no better way to dress for the coming season.

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