Opposites Attract

If you were alive in the 70ties chances are that you know one of the firs international hip fashion brands hailing from Denmark – Margit Brandt. The brand was hugely popular with the upbeat style crowd of the 70´ties and 80´ties from New York to Saint Tropez. When Margit Brandt reinvented itself as a highstreet brand a few years ago it had intstant succes. Now the brand from 1965 has teamed up finacially with Kopenhagen Fur – the famed Copenhagen based fur auction house that delivers 80% of the Worlds finest mink fur. Quite a different kind of cooporation we must say. How the luxury fur company and the high street brand will manage to have a long and loving relationship remains to be seen over the next few seasons. Stay tuned for updates here.

Image courtesy of Margit Brandt / www.margitbrandtstore.dk