Henrik Vibskov: Interview & Review SS18

03-henrik-vibskov-mens18Henrik was gearing up for the “Revolver: Copenhagen International Trade Show” at the heart of the infamous meatpacking district as DANSK came for a behind-the-scenes and last minutes check up before the SS18 show the next day. Wearing his signature beanie, he welcomed DANSK with a warm smile; his rather relaxed posture and body language did not hint any fact that he had just returned from Tokyo in less than 24 hours: ”I just got back from Japan and prepared for the exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.” Referring to 150th Year Anniversary of Japan – Denmark Diplomatic Relations Exhibition, “Everyday Life – Signs of Awareness.”


Livestream: Calvin Klein SS18

It’s New York Fashion Week! Once hailed as the absolute center of RTW, NYFW has in recent years taken a crumble – declared dead, even – as designers en masse have been seen fleeing the Big Apple. Naturally, then, Europe’s favorite enfant terrible and anti-designer Raf Simons chose this Trumpian moment to descend on America’s big city, and revitalize Americana in the most spectacular way through his role as new creative director for Calvin Klein. Without a doubt, Simons presented the best collection of FW17 – and now, time has come for the hard second collection. Don’t despair if your exclusive invite to the show (which last year counted celebs like Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields, and of course Anna Wintour) got lost in the mail – the whole affair can be streamed right here, from the comfort of your futon. Have your ice water ready for 8 pm EST.

Review: Designers Remix SS18

If the Olympus mountain were to be placed onto the flat landscapes of Copenhagen this season, then the Cirkelbroen bridge at the canals of Christianshavn would be divine. The picturesque view along the river gave the illusion that the bridge was floating midair as industry’s insiders sat solemnly, praying to be enlightened. This show is all about a brand that stood the test of time since 2002: DESIGNERS REMIX by Charlotte Eskildsen and her husband, CEO Niels Eskildsen, doesn’t need any further introduction anymore!


Review: Martin Asbjørn SS18

martin-asbjorn-ss18-3-960x1440MARTIN ASBJØRN brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours…”


Review: Saks Potts SS18

Saks Potts Spring Summer 2017If Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts brought us to the Swiss Alps last year, their SS18 collection takes us bit further to the east and into a fun universe set somewhere between the Mattel 50′s Barbies, eastern-european amusement park romanticism and German raststätte. The show was held at the Langelinie Pavilion, and Poul Henningsen’s iconic artichokes designed for the same building shone their light on models wearing big plastic hair clips in multiple colours, swimsuits and white lacquer platforms in front of a SP logo-studded curtain, carelessly mounted too short at the top and too long at the bottom. The fascination with Lotta Volkova post-Soviet aesthetics was clear. The look was Eurotrash and ‘glam Czech hausfrau meets Ibiza holiday’, over-bleached hair, gaudy earrings, extravagant furs over cheap tracksuit pants and red sale dots on the soles of the shoes.


Review: Stine Goya SS18

VICTORJONES3560For her 10-year anniversary show, Stine Goya invited us to the industrial port area of Nordhavn. The sun was out for what felt like the first time this summer and there was plenty of time to enjoy it thanks to a solid one hour delay. When the doors opened we were left free to stand wherever we liked in the dark on the first floor of Faurschou Foundation. The only lights in the dim concrete space were some variation-over-peachy coloured film in front of the walls and a huge cotton cloud hanging from the ceiling. The title of the show, Flashback Forward, referred to her earlier designs as could be expected, but Goya, known for sticking close to the brands DNA, also pulled some new scarves from her sleeve. The atmosphere was spherical, set in a state between sleep and awake with the rose pink light resembling a sunrise and the music with a cosmic Mort Garson-like feel to it. Besides the classic Goya coral coloured elements, the show had an appealing darkness, with models moving slowly like sleep walkers and gathering in a circle around a pole to head bang. The clothes had a magic, cirque look with marionette doll prints, half moons, stars and hearts with the most impressive pieces rejuvenating Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche line

Words by Anne Ulrikke Bak


DANSK Loves: Hyun Mi Nielsen

Portrait Christine NielsenThis year’s Paris Couture Week featured a very special presentation – an ethereal exercise in Gothic detailing, leather tailoring, and organza draping. Hyun Mi Nielsen, the ambitious contemporary fashion brand founded by Danish designer Christine Nielsen, received the great(est) honor of being invited by the French Fashion Federation to show amongst the most conceptually and technically daring, and she rose skillfully to the occasion, stunning international press on the way. Cutting her teeth at renowned fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Givenchy as head womenswear designer, Nielsen is more than equipped to take the world. What’s next? DANSK sits down with Christine to learn more.


Paris Men's Fashion Weeks SS18: The Highlights

DRIESYes, we made it through: while most of the European continent’s youth were busy applying permanent damage to their livers at either Glastonbury or Roskilde Festival, the gay fashion aristocracy were very preoccupied navigating a 34 degrees warm Paris in various forms of deconstructed mesh. After several years of British dominance in the menswear scene, the French seem to finally have reclaimed what is left of a cohesive menswear fashion week schedule – despite show absences from hot names like Vetements – and in sum, we can assert that SS18 will be a season that is exhiliratingly well-dressed. As per usual, there were in the clothes gestures and abstractions aplenty – impulses, references, or hidden narratives only legible by the designer – and to celebrate this sartorial non-sense, we at DANSK grabbed a pen, and gave it our best shot in deciphering the complex meanings of contemporary men’s fashion. You’re welcome.


Seeing You, Seeing Me

Dansk_Mo_06_116TV girl, you look so proud, aim your tits like fatal guns
Plastic haircut, yellow gum
You wear modern fashion




“It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade”

Photographer Simone Steenberg captures the breezy romanticism of the new AW17 season, featuring our favorite Danish fashion, including Cecilie Bahnsen, Saks Potts, and Morten Ussing

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