Watch: Wanbing Huang

00000In the middle of Europe’s current heatwave, it seems that we’re always looking for an excuse to take a plunge into the nearest body of water: be it a beach, your aunt’s swimming pool, or just a really big glass of chilled Chardonnay, we’re there, ready to take our clothes off. But the recent lookbook of Wanbing Huang gives us the chills equally: for her AW18 collection Soil Rebelle, the Chinese newcomer has released a stunning visual piece of storytelling in collaboration with photographer Leslie Zhang and styling by Audrey Hu.

The collection serves as a tribute to Cuban artist Ana Mendieta, whose famous Earth-Body series of photo-performances engages the human body with the four basic elements of nature. This spiritual and physical connection – between human and earth – is the conceptual premise for the collection, which features Huang’s theatrical and highly constructed eveningwear. Originally from the coastal city of Guangzhou, Huang (who is now based in London) launched her namesake brand in 2016 at Shanghai Fashion Week, and has since gained traction in both the East and West. Certainly, we now that if we had to lie in a rocky pool of water, it would be in a Huang dress… A girl can dream!

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Fashion by Wanbing Huang
Photography by Leslie Zhang
Styling by Audrey Hu