Watch: “I Dare You” by The XX, directed by Raf Simons

Raf Simon’s glorious descent onto New York has in just a few months given a revolutionized new identity both to Calvin Klein and American fashion as a whole (ironic, considering that he is as Belgian as french fries). The austere European has a panache for art and pop culture, balancing elegantly the different sub-milieus that fashion intersects with. As of today, that includes music, with the announcement that Simons recently teamed up with photographer Alisdair McLellan to oversee the creative direction and concepualization of the XX’s most recent single, “I Dare You”. With a longstanding appreciation of The xx, Calvin Klein’s head designer was particularly drawn to the band’s work with McLellan on the music videos for “On Hold” and “Say Something Loving.” Seeing a connection between the videos and his own work at the American fashion house, Simons was pleased to collaborate on the third video of the trilogy, lending his eye to the architectural and atmospheric elements and utilizing an eclectic cast of CK collaborators such as Paris Jackson, Millie Bobby Brown and Ashton Sanders. The film itself is continues Simon’s aesthetic investigation into the American spirit, taking on the west coast by filming in the architectural wonders Lloyd Wright’s Sowden house and John Lautner’s Rainbow House, both in Los Angeles. The result is an atmospheric and romantic film that cites classic American cinema such as Paris, Texas as well as The Virgin Suicides. When you dare, clearly, you succeed.

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