Watch: “Guava Island”, Featuring Rihanna and Donald Glover

Forget about this week’s world premiere of Game of Thrones; this week, all streaming tips should be aimed towards Amazon Prime and their new mysterious movie, Guava Islanda love story between our two favorite musicians at the moment, Rihanna and Donald Glover.

Little information has been released about the project, which apparently springs from Glover pitching the project to Amazon without so much as a script. This, however, was enough to convince Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke, who said that she would have committed to Glover “sight unseen.” At the premiere last week, all viewers were asked to hand over phones, avoiding any viral leaks before the grand release two days ago. After a short period of free streaming, the video is now accessible only to Amazon Prime subscribers. The movie has been described as a “tropical thriller” and apparently features several musical performances by Glover, who rocked our boat last years with tracks such as “This is America” and “Feels Like Summer” under is moniker Childish Gambino (no performances by Rihanna, however, whose new album is rumored to be released later this year). What’s not to love? Put Westeros on hold for just a few days and revel in beautiful pop stars pretending to be in love.

Watch Guava Island here