Tonsure drops Scarlet Pleasure merchandise

TONSURExYIWOTY0039Despite ever-changing trend currents, music merchandise remains a timeless category of fashion commodities. Some of us remember queuing up at the Nirvana concert to snatch the famous smiley t-shirt; the iconic Joy Division soundwave graphic has been a marker of Nietzschean malaise of youth for over twenty years; and who, across the board, doesn’t like to recontextualize a vintage Madonna tee sourced off E-bay? Merging the world of fashion and music, merchandise has a way to summon the energy of both, particularly when it’s well-designed. This is very much the case with the new merchandise by Scarlet Pleasure, the Danish R&B/Funk band formed in New York, consisting of the three beauxs Alexander, Emil, and Joachim. This drop is not just an illustrated tee ordered off Fruitoftheloom – rather, the trio has teamed up with trailblazing Danish menswear brand Tonsure, who previously won our prestigious DANSK Design Talent Award. It was on this occasion that Tonsure first encountered Scarlet Pleasure, tasked as they were with designing a collection for the aspiring musical group. Two years later, a new collaboration is available for consumers and fans, featuring t-shirts, hoodies, and scarfs that echo the personal style sensibility of the three members, all staying in line with Tonsure’s eclectic approach to contemporary fashion silhouettes. A highly limited edition, you’ll be able to catch the Scarlet Pleasure merch via Tonsure’s website starting today, or at future SP concerts around Denmark. TONSURExYIWOTY0609 TONSURExYIWOTY0161 TONSURExYIWOTY0805

Tonsure x Scarlet Pleasure
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