Tiffany & Co Opens in Copenhagen

Elle-Fanning-in-the-_5105The 1961 romantic comedy Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring a fresh-faced Audrey Hepburn and a lustful George Peppard, may very well have been the most successful product placement in the history of luxury consumerism. Which other name can rival Tiffany’s absolutely central place in the bourgeois American imaginary, a sphere most of us aspire to even if we don’t like to admit it? “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” etc.? Audrey also forever got us hooked on a diet of champagne, black coffee, and dinners on rich men’s credit cards, but that’s a whole other story. Since this epic cinematic fashion moment, Tiffany & Co. have not been resting on their laurels, but slowly expanded from a Fifth Avenue department store to an international brand of jewelry, home goods, and fashion accessories. In recent years, this has meant large expansions to the Asia-Pacific region, North America, Japan, and of course Europe, who may not share Hepburn’s romanticization of dating mafiosos, but who certainly love a bit of sparkle on their fingers. And now, the accessories provider will open in our native Copenhagen. The new retail universe will be unveiled at the very center of the city’s swiftly developing “luxury mile” around Storkespringvandet, housed within the department store Illum. The store will be the first to open in the Nordic region, and will be packed with luxurious diamonds, gemstones, and accessories for the full 50s Americana Glam lifestyle. “Copenhagen is a city in development, and a growing market for luxury goods, with a lively cultural scene,” commented Sandra Mohsni, CEO of Tiffany & Co. Denmark, in a recent statement. “We’re happy and proud to be a part of this exciting time for the city, and to be able to offer Tiffany’s exciting designs, quality and innovation to Danish customers.” Welcome to the family, Tiffany! We can’t wait for you to ruin our wallets!

Tiffany & Co. Copenhagen launches August 30th at Illum
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