Sterling Ruby Takes Fashion

Californian-based creative mastermind Sterling Ruby has been announced to hit Pitti Immagine Uomo in the forthcoming season, as a Special Guest by debuting a ready-to wear collection. The special presentation will also incorporate his art practice, which comprises paintings, ceramics, collage, film-making, sound installations. Ruby will be presenting the first collection by the S.R STUDIO. LA. CA., hosted on June 13th 2019.

At the occasion, Pitti’s committee proudly affirmed: “We have been very interested in the work of the artist Sterling Ruby for a long time, endeavors which are suspended between different areas with, at the center, a heterogeneous project dedicated to reinterpreting American workwear. This alone would be enough to justify Pitti Uomo’s invitation to host the debut of the collection that will convey the project on to the fashion market. But Sterling Ruby is also one of the protagonists of the powerful and creative Los Angeles artistic scene that still moves between a thrust towards experimentation free from the burdens of success and competition and an adherence to industrial models of cinema, music, entertainment…and, naturally, fashion.”

A fundamental all-round artist – known for his eclectic practice across mediums and contexts – is not to be undermined: his work remains noteworthy for its abstraction and enigmatic textural intricacy. The chromatic palettes are engaging yet evoke melancholy due to their baffling dimness. Blending surrealism and daily practices with a hint of futuristic details, Sterling’s work is well known for causing – most times – an emotional atmosphere.

Vacillating between the defined and undefined, surreal and real, his work refers to a dialogue between abstraction and tangible reality. Rationally, boundaries are the key pillar of his prolific vision, whereby space is thornily demarcated by a sharp tonal choice.

Is Florence set for such pioneering vision yet approaching?

For more information, see S.R. STUDIO
Words by Chidozie Obasi