Premiere: Tage Johansson, son of Jonny Johansson, Interprets Acne Studios Sneakers

We all remember the times we as children were placed at a table with magic markers and paper, play-doh, or any other material meant to trigger creativity. You actually just want to watch Totally Spies, but you sit through to please your caretakers. Many parents project their own repressed fantasies of becoming their generation’s Frida Kahlo onto their children – but while drawing has never hurt anyone, few of us go on to do anything substantial about that blooming art practice of pre-adolescence. Of course, even fewer of us have parents who creatively direct fashion empires, but this is the case for Tage Johansson, the blonde-haired off-spring of Acne Studios founder Jonny Johansson. The Swedish RTW brand today revealed their most recent campaign advertising their much-hyped sneaker line with a film that sees Tage interpret his Dad’s sneakers with an improvisatory bricolage of materials. The result is surprisingly chic; perhaps more of an artwork than accessory, prompting the young author to exclaim “my version is better than my Dad’s!” Jonny has long been heralded for taking unorthodox approaches to the branding of Acne Studios (the brand grew out of a creative collective that spanned fashion, advertising, and film production), having enrolled everything from artists to forgotten supermodels to promote his aesthetic vision. It’s also not Tage’s first time as face of Acne Studios; in 2015, he appeared in the freshest women’s robes for the fall collection. Jealous that your parents never came up with such career opportunities for you except a monthly gig washing the floors? Join the club. We’re bitter.

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