Open for Business: LOUISE ROE GALLERY

Unknown-2A new Copenhagen concept store that evolves around good craftmanship and aesthetics has opened its doors to whoever should be curious to explore it. Louise Roe Gallery is the name of the place, as well as the craft(wo)man behind it. The store is a creative universe consisting of gallery, shop and restaurant, and the people behind it has made sure that each of the three offers only the best of their sorts. The products the visitors can buy are, of course, Louise Roe’s own products; this fall the brand has made amazing vases as a tribute to an old craft that needs both skill and time: mouth-blowing. The vases are brilliant in the vintage impression of the shapes and the modern touch that is given humor and skill from Roe’s own hand. The interior is a designer mix between brands like &tradition, Flos, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, and Michael Anastassiades. Together they create a space which, in some way, is very Scandinavian (the furniture is clean-cut minimalistic) and in another way a bit more New York. The store also provides its visitor a change to explore the products of Australian beauty brand, Grown Alchemist. The beauty brand is by no coincidence not only ecological, but also produced to vary the least possible from our own molecular biology as possible – and it looks great on the bathroom shelf.louise_roe3495_red.cut out

Though the architectural impressions are great and many, they don’t saturate satisfyingly. For this the restaurant offers food imported from the best niche stores in Copenhagen. You get breakfast and lunch from Vognmagersgade, whose passion is proper taste and raw foods. The bread is from The Bread Station (I believe the name says all you need to know) and the cheese to go with it is from Copenhagen’s own corner of Italy La Treccia, a scrumptious creamery (what an expressive word).

The total result is a delicate universe in which one can get inspiration supported by a cup of well-brewed coffee and exclusive products that the creator has taken time to develop. True luxury!

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Words by Mathilde Nielsen
For more information, see Louise Roe Gallery