Sneak Peek into Ole Lynggaard’s New Book of Inspiration

This November, jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen provides their customers with an early Christmas present: an insight into their spellbound universe. The Sketchbook, it is called, and it is best described – as the brand’s creative director Charlotte Lynggaard does it – “a crucible of ideas”. It centres round the elements of inspiration that Charlotte and father Ole have used through their ongoing work and collaboration. Squiggles and sketches, raw materials and book pressed flowers, anything that might serve as an element in a future piece of jewellery, is represented in the book, because as, the one half of the duo said herself, “new ideas don’t know the clock”.

The Sketchbook is not only a long stream of consciousness, it is also the story of a family who happens to have a common passion for creativity, and possessing the skills it take to translate this passion into something definite without killing the magic and speaking of. Connecting research with product, many details of the brand’s 18K Flora and Fauna pieces are illustrated and presented through the new image campaign. This, of course, makes it a broad story to tell, but thanks to the art of limitation, which connoisseurs and loyal customers of course know of, they have managed to arrange it all as an encyclopaedia; clear and simple.

The Sketchbook is a gift from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and can be collected in any flagship store or distributors in the end of this November.

Words by Mathilde Nielsen