Menswear Archivist David Casavant Launches Book

l68a3038 2Fashion’s got archive fever – a brief look at the contemporary fashion world will easily prove that to you. From the research-driven fashion Instagram accounts of archivings.stack (for all the Margiela looks you’re too young to have ever encountered), rarebooksparis (for an endless stream of fashion books you didn’t realize you needed) and of course dietprada (reminding everyone of fashion’s tendency to copy shamelessly), it’s clear that fashion loves research. No, Kanye West wasn’t crazy when he published 99 looks from an old Margiela lookbook during a breakdown in 2016 – he was obsessing over a better time of dress! Our own favorite archivist is David Casavant, the self-made stylist and accumulator of precious menswear based in New York (we featured him in and old issue – off you go, researcher!). What began as a fad during his adolescent has turned into a successful business, lending frequently to the industry’s top stylists as well as to celebs like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and, well, Kanye. Deeply connected to the city’s art and fashion worlds, Casavant has used his extraordinary archive to work with artists, stylists and photographers to re-interpret and communicate the invaluable material history on which he sits; and now, this has materialized into a beautiful coffee-table book. Featuring contributions from young artists like Jacolby Satterwhite, Wu Tsang, Xavier Cha and Boychild, underground impressaria DeSe Escobar, and fashion super-photographer Joyce Ng, the book is packed with goodies for the art/fashion hybrid lovers. Oh, and it also has a contribution by the before-mentioned West – of course, snapping pics of his wife, Kim. Have a sneak-peek below, and go and get yourself a copy. A perfect Christmas present to yourself. And certainly, it’ll teach you the lesson to never, never, throw anything away.

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david casavant archive book – $60