Masha Vasyukova directs new shortfilm for Alexander McQueen

There’s nothing better than when two forces collide – here, it happens to be those of filmmaker Masha Vasyukova and iconic British brand Alexander McQueen. They do so in the streets of London, where a gang of fabulously dressed gentlemen roam the streets, seemingly in search for something (a girlfriend? a boyfriend? fish n’ chips? It remains unclear). The video brilliantly shows McQueen’s increasingly contemporary approach to menswear , incorporating sportswear details into the classically tailored silhouettes for which they’re known and celebrated. Known for her narrative-led and dramatic cinematography, fashion filmmaker Vasyukova has worked extensively in the European fashion circuit, producing original video and still content for the likes of Hèrmes, Prada, and Vogue Italia. In the US, she casually shot Rihanna for the NYT supplement T Magazine, just as she features as a regular contributor to W. Wait, who said fish n’ chips?

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