Launch: Tonsure SS19

All roads lead to Rome, an old saying goes: even in fashion. While the present-day Italian capital tends to be overshadowed by its more sartorially inclined sisters in the North – Milan and Florence – the Roman ways are ever-present in fashion, from sandals and draped whites to antiquity itself. And this spring, our favorite Danish menswear brand Tonsure plays with the marble-covered tropes of Ancient Rome, recouping the society’s love for personal decoration and fashionable etiquette.

Designed by Tonsure’s creative mastermind Malte Flagstad – a Central Saint Martins graduate, former Margiela employee, and winner of the grand DANSK Design Talent Award – the collection springs off from the  classic menswear wardrobe, but with the pieces twisted by outerwear tech details, towel lining, cracked checkered prints, lifevests and Chinese sleeve references. The campaign itself, shot by photographer Nikolaj Møller, recoups classic Roman symbols into a fashion-forward and neon-hued present-day through the figure of the millennial dandy. “Tonsure SS19 expressions an understatement of being a true self-legend, of being comfortable in who you are and not being affected by the influence and the pressure of our time,” the press text reads, underscoring the enduring appeal of the Roman spirit of pride and self-performance. “Today we have never been more focused on how to fight against the norms and tribute to each personality and individuality for being confident to stand-out or not to.”
Photographer Nikolaj Møller
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