IIUVO x Andreas Murkudis: The Sound of Smell

Have you ever wondered how your favorite perfume would sound, if it was a song? What about, say, a 1-hour mixtape?  Well, we have. But as of today, we no longer need to dream and imagine; a click to Soundcloud should do the job. We fell in love with London-based scent wizards IIUVO when they launched their Soigné scent last year – with notes of sandalwood, crystal violet, cyclamen and nutmeg, it’s a sensation that’s as concrete as it is abstract – and one that’s resulted in many a compliment in 2018. Their lush scented candles are equally alluring – atmospheric, rather; inspired by affective memories, the scents crawl under your skin like a long-lost lover. To further represent their aesthetic universe, they recently tapped Berlin-based designer, shop owner (and DANSK friend) Andreas Murkudis to house a sonic landscape of their various scents, matching each fragrance concept with a state of the heart, measured by its BPM. This has resulted in a mixtape that crawls ambiently from Soigné’s familiar 60-90 BPM to Gilot‘s more up-beat terrain – and ending with Fonteyn‘s 120+ BPM bangers. Perfect for your morning, your day, your evening. We’ve fallen in love once again. Listen below. 

Fore more information, see IIUVO