First glance at the Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton collaboration

Another remarkable chapter has been added to Louis Vuitton’s love affair with the world of art – a hyped collaboration with American mega-artist Jeff Koons. The seasoned fashion house’s own private museum, Fondation Louis Vuitton, opened in Paris’ Boulogne Forest in 2014, and thus cemented itself as one of the world’s major art world patron, and this is extended in their extensive list design-collaborations with artists; Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse, to mention but a few. In a similar vein, the first chapter of the Koons collab will consist of a new range of bags and accessories to be launched on 28th April: specifically, his Gazeball series, consisting of a series of large-scale hand-painted reproductions of works by the Old Masters, questioning issues of value, authorship, and image-circulation in a global society. To match Koon’s game of appropriation, Louis Vuitton has employed the most advanced techniques and craftsmanship to faithfully reproduce the artworks on the canvas of the bags – which each will have attached a distinct rabbit keychain, an image that has come to define Koon’s career over the last 40 years.


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