Final Gravity: Mikkeler and Femme Régionales launches sportswear bran

Running and drinking… beer? Hm. Not the obvious combination, but it might be your next. Brewer and former youth elite runner Mikkel Borg Bjergsoe is the innovative brain behind the new fashion fusion between Bjergsoe’s own microbrewery Mikkeller and design bureau Femmes Régionales.

Final Gravity is running-clothes that are delicate enough for you to wear at work – or whilst drinking, say, beer. The idea to fusion a brewery with a design bureau started four years ago, when Bjergsoe realized that too many working hours and too little time working out was far from the ideal lifestyle. So, he changed it. Accompanied by friend Soren Runge he created a community that set out to combine Bjergsoe’s favourite treats, beer and running. Today Runge runs (pun intended) the two running communities Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) and Hechman Mikkeller Racing Club (HMCR). Soon, sports brands started showing interest in the concept and it made Bjergsoe aware of another important component: the material. !I was just never completely satisfied with the clothes we received and wore […] we wanted to separate us from the multitude,” he tells DANSK. And what better way to do it than design your own. So, once again he changed and this time along with design bureau Femmes Régionales. Creative director Caroline Hansen admits having asked for some thinking-time before joining in on the “odd idea” of merging a large design bureau with a considerably smaller brewery. Nevertheless, Hansen accepted on the grounds of Bjergsoe’s community’s nature. Being a contradiction to the established contemporary with being including. Referring to fashion as a business which could use such a change in attitude. “In this business you often don’t design the clothes for the people who in fact is supposed to wear it. You create it to a certain persona that we all agreed is the best.”

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Words by Mathilde Nielsen