Exhibition: DANSK Celebrating 15 Years

Unless you’ve been living under a stone for the past half a year, you’ve heard the gospel: DANSK is celebrating its 15th birthday, marking its achievements as the world’s most independent fashion magazine. As you can read in our current print issue, out worldwide, it’s been a journey of pain, sweat, and tears – but also of spectacular beauty, daring artistry, and lots and lots of fun. In particular, we’re proud of having spearheaded the ever-evolving search for new limits within fashion photography, a medium that was still in its infant stage when Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa emptied their piggy-banks and started a publication back in 2002. In the pages of DANSK, fashion has been represented, digested, and distorted through the photographic eye, discovering some of the biggest model’s of today on the way. In our anniversary year it only felt natural to take this time to produce an overview of the moments of magic captured in DANSK – so after months of consulting our vast archives, the editorial team behind DANSK presented an anthological exhibition of images picked from our 38 issues, installed outside in one of Copenhagen’s central squares, open to the public 24/7. Divided into sub-genres such as “surrealism”, “social realism”, and “exhibitionism”, the show crystallizes some of our favorites moods and whims, while simultaneously locating DANSK’ oeuvre in the context with post-millenial fashion photography more broadly. Have a look at the show here, or head down to grab a copy of the latest issue to get a closer look of DANSK’s history.

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