Exclusive: Q&A with Pierre Debusschere, on his Komono collaboration

20180504_PD_KOMONO_SHOT2_138_v2Belgian visual artist Pierre Debusschere is no stranger to the fashion world. Having worked for several high-profile clients that include Raf Simons, Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Nowness, Numéro, AnOther Magazine and two music videos for Beyoncé, the director, photographer and curator continues to make an international name for himself by letting his imagination run wild through the use of photography, video and technology. Debusschere launched his career at Dazed & Confused in 2008, and shortly after, he was invited to work with Nicola Formichetti on ground-breaking digital content for Vogue Hommes Japan and Dior Homme. This summer, the cross-disciplinary visionary has teamed up with hyped sunwear brand KOMONO, the brainchild of fellow Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes. The result of this national alliance is an art installation that will tour 8 European festivals (We Love Green in Paris, Splash in Berlin, Dour in Belgium, Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands, DGTL in Barcelona, Amcat in the Netherlands, Pukkelpop in Belgium, End of the Road in the United Kingdom, to be specific). Here, festivalgoers will experience the physical and virtual world will blend together, not only because of the varying liquids they may have ingested, but because of them being projected directly into a music video directed by Debusschere. The music video will showcase an array of different music genres and dance styles to create a unique interaction between spectator and artist (and the best part, you can share it on your social media afterwards). Here, Pierre Debusschere explains his vision and collaboration with KOMONO in more detail.

Pierre, you have an incredible international portfolio of work. What triggers you to say ‘yes’ to a new project? What’s essential to piquing your interest?
I would describe myself as someone who always follows his initial instincts. When I have a good feeling about a project, I’ll agree to it. There’s no science behind it, only a feeling.

For KOMONO’s festival tour, you’ve designed a video clip that will be visible in their mirror box. How did this collaboration come into being?
From start to finish, this project was a dream to work on. The collaboration felt as if I was working with family. I have known Charlotte and Matthieu for a long time which made it easy to work together, to let things evolve organically and move forward as a team.

What sparked your interest – aside from your personal bond with the team – to collaborate with KOMONO?
There aren’t a lot of cool brands in Belgium like KOMONO. So being able to work for a Belgian brand, that I personally like, and that has a worldwide reach is not something that comes along every day. I never hesitated.

You’ve created a video clip that will be shown in the mirror box, can you tell us a bit more about it? What inspired you?
The festivalgoers themselves inspired me. Their energy, their diversity. That’s the common denominator in this entire project, this sense of togetherness and inclusivity. I also wanted to offer each viewer something to remember their time at the festival, the energy they experienced. That’s why we decided to integrate visitors of KOMONO’s mirror box into the video clip and send it to them. In turn, they can each share their unique, personal video clip on social media. They can share the experience.

What do you hope people will experience in the KOMONO mirror box when watching your video clip?
I hope they experience the energy and fun that we felt ourselves while creating this video clip for them. Their personal video clip will hopefully remind them each time they see it, of their time at the festival.

For more information, see Komono